Our Services

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Wellness (Routine Care)

Wellness services are designed to keep your horse healthy and protect them from illness.  This includes vaccinations, deworming plans, routine physical examinations, and nutritional consultations.

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Emergency Services

Emergency services are provided 24/7/365 for active clients and patients of Commonwealth Equine.  Emergency services for non-clients will be determined on a case by case basis. If you have an equine emergency call or text us at 774 301-2467.     

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Proper dental care is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of the horse.  Comprehensive oral examinations are performed with a full mouth speculum, headlamp, and standing sedation so a complete visual and tactile exam is possible.

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Internal Medicine

Acute or chronic conditions can be fully evaluated through a combination of clinical exam, laboratory testing, and advanced diagnostics



From initial reproductive evaluation of a prospective broodmare to managing artificial insemination to ensuring your foal gets off to a great start, we are here for your new arrivals!

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Commonwealth Equine is excited to offer cutting-edge imaging modalities from Sound, including digital radiography (x-rays) and digital ultrasound.

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Pre-Purchase Evaluations

In-depth examinations are recommended prior to making any horse purchase. These evaluations can help bring to light issues that may affect the horse's ability to perform the intended job.

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Lameness evaluations assess the horse standing and in motion. Further diagnostics may include nerve or joint blocks, radiographs (x-rays), or ultrasound. Treatment plans will be designed for each horse as an individual.



Integrative medicine can be a major asset in optimizing your horse's performance. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments to augment overall results.